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Always loved this scene from Tapestry.

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Random Question


How would your character take it if Rennali were announced as the chosen Archbishop? 

Worried that she would be corrupted by some outside evil force, the Church’s political games, or get herself killed, given the recent history of the position.

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Gnomergan Gnogan

"Behold these 24 cm circumference musculoskeletal apparatus, brother!"

"I bodyslammed Andre the Ogre at Brawlermania III, brother! He weighed 2 tons and I sent him right to the Burning Hells, brother!"

"Watchoo gonna do, when Gnomermania runs wild all over you?"

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"I don’t believe that the Holocaust happened the way that we have been indoctrinated to believe" What is the purposes of the indoctrination. What exactly went down, and how do you know?
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The Jews were exiled and were transferred to the camps under Hitler’s orders. During this time, there was a war going on as well as lots of illnesses spreading through out the camps, thus yes - People died from illnesses as well as starvation as it wasn’t exactly easy to get supplies out to them as the camps were secluded. I believe that sure, a hundred thousand Jewish people died in these camps . But there is no way that 6 million people were killed and cremated/ buried into these so-called mass graves, let alone the new 11m figure that they are claiming. I mean… that’s a LOT of bodies.

Not to mention that there’s no real solid proof of these so called gas chambers actually being used for such. The numbers don’t add up.

It’s a shame that there are not camps to exile and transfer neo-Nazis and their apologists. The world would be better for it.

No - The world would be better if we stopped “normalizing” things that shouldn’t be seen as normal, like homosexuality, trans-sexuality, this ridiculous non-binary nonsense, feminism, abortion and  the idea that being a slut is A-okay.

I guess “Unapologetically-Stupid” was taken when you made your Tumblr.

Oh how cute. 2nd grade insults.

To match your 2nd grade grasp of history.

So this waste of human life is not only antisemitic, but an all purpose bigot and scumbag.

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Can’t be bothered to block out names here’s some fuckin sperglords for you

"I’ve had people bumping my guild thread." …

by people, he means just him. Lol.

oh man i didn’t even see this

this is priceless

Jealous ppl be jealous yo.

lol that worgen scrub got his guild thread closed because he was the only one posting in it.

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If you could pair off your characters with anyone other than who they are presently with, who would it be and why?
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Ummm. I’ll be as realistic with these as possible as I can. 

Felthier x Aryssia

Felthier x Azriah

Felthier x Remaia

Telchis x Madelynne (AS WAS OFFERED)

Telchis x Rennali

Telchis x Aestiah

Telchis x Iseulte

Izulde x Cerethien

Izulde x Livandia

Izulde x Remaia

Izulde x Rennali

Idriil x Arandur

Idriil x Livandia

Idriil x Azriah

Idriil x Vaelrin

Idriil x Andarion

Idriil x Vaeronia

Idriil and Vaeronia would be an uh, interesting pairing. 

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Who are the top five people Artairr likes watching Liandrigh do it with while he cornerbaits?
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Wow fuck you.

Rofaldo needs to jerk off, I think.

1. Lysol

2. Tyree

3. Tron

4, Dylan

5. Dylan

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Assuming that there are no laws or restrictions against it (since Lordaeron is so pro-HAVE BABIES), would Ermentrud ever marry another woman?
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Assuming she hadn’t vowed not to marry, no. Ermentrud believes that the idea of gay marriage is ludicrous and that homosexuality is sinful

I thought you said she was a lesbian.

i did say that, and it’s true

I see…

Wouldn’t be the first religious zealot that’s a complete hypocrite about the issue. :)

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man I remember when  this picture appeared for the first time an the discussion that it stirred in the MG forums. xD

If renna was lich king

This is going to be Ceriseth’s new base of operations, isn’t it.