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Random Prompts

  1. Drive: If your character could go anywhere within driving distance right now, where would they go? What would they do?
  2. Burn: What was the last hurtful thing someone said to your character? How did it affect them? Does it still hurt?
  3. Napkin: How are your character's manners? Do they take after who raised them?
  4. Couch: How often does your character have "lazy days" where they don't get anything accomplished? Do they feel better or worse afterwards?
  5. Jackhammer: What's a noise your character can't stand? How often do they come into contact with it?
  6. Tractor: Does your character prefer the city or the country? Where were they raised?
  7. Runaway: If your character were to leave their current home, would it be more to pursue a goal or get away from something negative?
  8. Hermit: If they had it their way, how long would your character like to spend alone?
  9. Rollercoaster: Does your character like going to fairs or amusement parks? Would they rather ride the rides or sit and watch?
  10. Hidden: What is something nobody knows about your character? Is it a habit, thought, ritual, belief?
  11. Mystery: What is the thing your character thinks about the most?
  12. Gothic: What clique did your character belong to in school? Did they get along well with the others?
  13. Storm: Is your character frightened by thunderstorms? Do they like the rain? What made them that way?
  14. Request: If your character could have one physical thing at this moment, what would they want?
  15. Obligation: Does your character feel indebted to anyone? Whom and why?
  16. Handprint: What is one non-physical characteristic about your character that is unique?
  17. Officer: How does your character feel about authority figures? How do they treat them? Does how they feel about them and how they actually treat them differ?
  18. Consequences: What is your character's latest regret? How did it change the course of their life?
  19. Senses: If your character had to choose to live without one of the five senses for the rest of their life, what would they choose and why?
  20. Proof: What is an absurd situation your character has gotten into that others didn't believe?
  21. Faith: Does your character believe there is an afterlife? What do they believe happens after death?
  22. Sarcasm: Does your character put people down or belittle them? Are they ever put down or belittled?
  23. Court: Has your character ever been in trouble with the law?
  24. Charm: Is there a certain object your character always carries with them?
  25. Tattoo: How does your character feel about piercings and tattoos? Do they have or want any? Do they judge others that have them?
  26. Chopsticks: Does your character have any special talents or skills? How useful are they?
  27. Porn: What are your character's sexual turn-ons and turn-offs?
  28. Time: Is your character typically early or late? Do they value their time or find it slipping away easily?
  29. Ricochet: What's the last thing your character did that had a major impact on someone else? Was it positive or negative? How does your character feel about it?
  30. Favor: Does your character have a problem asking for help? If so, is it because they are stubborn or just shy?
  31. Adversary: Who is your character's arch rival? If not a specific person, an idea, belief, or entity?
  32. Dirt: What's currently on your character's conscience? Why can't they shake it off? What can they do to resolve it?
  33. Suspense: What does your character often worry about?
  34. Cobra: Is your character known to start fights? Are they known to break them up or avoid them altogether?
  35. Coconut: What would be your character's perfect vacation destination? What does that say about them?
  36. Fire: What is your character's most irritating pet peeve? Why does it irk them so much?
  37. Line: What is something your character is stubborn about? Why won't they budge on their position or belief?
  38. Homeless: How does your character treat homeless people? Do they ignore them, hate them, give them money?
  39. Glass: How accurately does your character see themselves?
  40. Leaves: What is your character's favourite season? Why do they prefer it over the others?
  41. Capsule: In what order does your character value the following: knowledge, family, friends, career, money?
  42. Skin: What scars does your character have? Are they visible?
  43. News: Does your character watch, read, or keep up with the news? What are their favourite types of stories?
  44. Myth: Does your character have any beliefs that are simply not correct or acceptable?
  45. Field: Does your character like the outdoors? What do they like or not like about it?
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World Raid Boss: Elder Dar'Kran of the Zandalari



Located in a remote area in The Hinterlands, Elder Dar’Kran is a Three-Phase World Boss.

Phase-One: “Begone, Invadas’!”


Dar’Kran begins the encounter in one of three stances…

Offensive Stance: Dar’Kran wields a mighty axe and his Attack Power…

….Ohgods I wanan fight him


Tagging you because this could feed a potential RP idea for Vestige in the future. :O

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I guess some guy on MMOChamp made it? I don’t remember the name as Regg whispered it to me, I think it was from a guy who was from like EU-Argent Dawn or something, but this is really cool.


Oh yeah I’ve seen this before it was pretty neat.

Is there a bigger version? I like what I see, but even zoomed in on Tumblr it’s still pretty small.

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Just Putting It Out There












Not three weeks after their attempt to overthrow and subsequent making asses of themselves on the forums, they’ve resurrected the Guild to try undoubtedly try again.

So before some attack thread of a Guild Post is made and before you do anything with them or for them, just putting it out there:

1.) Kormed and Rhalit, after various IC and OOC offenses made while in the Alterac Council or inside my Guilds, were kicked and threw a childish hissy-fit OOC—-then responding ICly and OOCly they way they have, as a means to “get back at us” and have their way.

2.) These offenses include, but are not limited to: using the N-Word three times more often than an entire season of The Boondocks and using “Jew” in a derogatory fashion (especially including against those of the race/religion), maliciously editing or deleting MG Wiki Pages, whispering and/or bribing Guildies to /gquit, telling fake sob-stories and slanderous things to Guilds to gain support, writing attack threads and lashing out at all commenting players, half-heartedly apologizing on said threads, making/resurrecting Guilds as a means to oppose and defending the actions of Sexual Harassers and Racists/Anti-Semites.

3.) In the past, apologies and requests for a “second chance” were marred by their continuing to make such offenses. Promises made to Guilds and Individuals are repeatedly broken and the attitude of these players is “All or Nothing”.

4.) Because of their past misdeeds and their continued resolved to do this, they have been appropriately Blacklisted and placed on OOC Ignore. For sake of our health, we will not entertain any attempt to slander/attack our Guild or a Mary-Sue’s attempt to “broker a compromise” with such heinous individuals.

5.) Last—-and most certainly, not least—-be warned: they -will- talk trash of us and those who RP with us, they -will- try to do what they have tried in the past and you can guarantee it will be a headache for you and yours.

What you do with them is up to you, but KINDLY do not take their jealousy and spite for “Truth” and PLEASE leave Dominion of Alterac, Kingdom of Khaz Modan, Kingdom of the Hills, the Scarlet Hammer and Vestige of the Phoenix out of it.

…is that why they’re making overtures to COB?

From what I can tell, yes.

As reported by people whispered by Kormed at the meeting, he believes “having a Bishop is a way to power” and that the Clergy can grant him what he wants “because they are a power on the server”.

Is this true, Niklos?

Can you officially officialize Never as the Emperor of Gilneas for me?

Or at least the “Church’s Most Handsome Lycanthrope in all of EK?”

You’ll have to wrestle berenal and bramblestar16 for it, Never. Only thing I’m officializing is Pinchy as Crawdad Supreme.

I’m a little surprised by the whole ‘a bishop is a way to power’ belief…if anything, ‘a bishop is a big ‘hit me’ sign’…if Riddle is anything to go by, ‘power’ is the last thing a bishop has.

Kormed has made overtures to the COB. He was allowed to speak. Meeting minutes will be posted later today. He asked for a bishop and tried ushering Romanthis (his guildie) in as a candidate. Romanthis’ state as an ordained priest (never mind anything else) is currently in Melchiz’s hands…and we all know he is a hard ass when it comes to ordaining new guys. Feel free to hit me up with questions and update and the such IN PMS OR IN SKYPE.

I will be playing this by ear. Just and fair. And yes - the non-RP pact between DoA and COB (as a group) is still in effect, don’t have to remind me.

Frankly, you are being far too generous to such a group made for all the wrong reasons. Having witnessed their antics before, I’d expect you to give a big N. O. to them.

So these people are racist scumbags but the Clergy still wants to play with them.

Can’t pass up a chance at seeming important, I guess.

Alterac RP, ladies and gentlemen.

not like its gonna matter in about a week or two. Kormed disbands that guild more than the kul tiras marine corp disbands. still, scumbags will be scumbags.

Disbanding only happens when people refuse to play with them. Through interaction, trolls are fed.

Nah. Typically Kormed says/does something obscenely stupid within his own guild and everyone aside from his friends that follow him around leave. Then he rejoins KoA. That’s why his scarlet guild fell apart when he was being obnoxiously racist, why his alterac guild fell apart when they found out there was another alterac guild and they didn’t have to deal with Kormed’s idiocy (A friend of mine made the mistake of joining for a bit and found that it all just revolved around him) and why pretty much every iteration of his guild dies. He does something stupid, people leave or he gets butt hurt cause people don’t like him, rages out, leaves for a bit then shows up in KoA with his back story having been edited for the fiftieth time.

I still remember when he was in Scarlet mode and yelled at my death knight about how the Scourged raped and killed his family and forced him to watch. Then they raped him.

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I really fucking wish there was a way to RP without involving guilds at all.
Anonymous asked



Then do it. RP is RP, if you don’t want to be involved with a guild then don’t. It’s not a hard concept.

Speaking from experience, this is harder than it seems. I experimented with it for about a month, but it’s difficult to get enough RP from server-wide stuff for it to actually be engaging.

This is also why I feel that RP would benefit from being able to join multiple guilds. I would want something like the ability to view other guilds’ calendars and rosters, or talk in another guild’s chat. It would help to facilitate and organize RP.

Final Fantasy XI had something like this with its Linkshells. You could be in multiple shells at the same time. But then Linkshells weren’t really as fully-featured as WoW Guilds. It was more or less just a closed chatroom channel that gave you a special colored pearl by your name.

Not sure if FFXIV’s system lets you join multiple guilds or if they just stick to the WoW model there.

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I really fucking wish there was a way to RP without involving guilds at all.
Anonymous asked



Then do it. RP is RP, if you don’t want to be involved with a guild then don’t. It’s not a hard concept.

yea you could make friends and just rp with them. You could even make like your own little concept for those friends, and just rp it out over a long period of time.

Although it might be difficult to keep track of everything… huh, well then I guess you could just get some kind of group chat thing? And maybe an app that lets you send out calendar events to all of those people with just one button. It would also help to be able to label their alts and be told when they’re coming online or offline and…


I don’t understand why people wouldn’t want to join an RP guild.

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It is decided



Portia’s first PRC will be Avenger. Thank you Erin Burton for being a crazy bitch who tried to assassinate everyone.

Now I need to sit down and write the story.

Murder knife.

I am surprised that no one tried to pin the death of Lady Sunblossom on Erin after she crossbow’d both of her fellow Argents, on that note.

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It is decided

Portia’s first PRC will be Avenger. Thank you Erin Burton for being a crazy bitch who tried to assassinate everyone.

Now I need to sit down and write the story.

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Impact Wrestling -- CANCELLED By Spike TV

Welp. RIP in peace TNA.

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single pringle ready 2 flamingle

oh my gOD

I’m still stuck on his other toon names.

Someone figured out how to get FFXI mogs in WoW. Good on them.