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Today is apparently “Win Rare Mounts Day.”

time to go find alts that haven’t done Onyxia yet.

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Top five quest lines (That's any more than two quests in a row in one zone. No need for exact names, just give us like overarching plotlines)
thorrson asked




1. Stonetalon faction war

2. Southern Barrens faction war

3. Dragonmaw storyline

4. Vash’ir (We actually lose for once)

5. Silverpine 

Does the horde lose vashjir? Both sides get wrecked don’t they? I’d thought of it as a tie.

this should be Tirion’s vanilla questline In Dreams at #1

and the alliance-side vanilla Onyxia questline at #2

maybe wrathgate could be 3 but idk after 1-2 the rest are pretty far back

Vashj’ir was a defeat for both Alliance and Horde. Though I guess it can be seen as Pyrrhic victory for the Alliance since the Horde failed in accomplishing their goal of establishing a base there to attack Stormwind.

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200 Follower Giveaway WHAAAAAAAAT



That was really fast

I cannot divine why there are 200 people following me, but maybe this will help you do some divining of your own: To thank you all, I am giving away an Imp In A Ball Loot Code from the WoW TCG!

What’s an Imp in a Ball, you may ask? It’s an Imp. In a ball. Shake the ball…

Wheee I won! Thanks!

Though check your inbox.

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Top 5 things you want to do in the Sunguard?
felthier asked

1. Prestige class for Vaeronia. I need to look through the PRC’s and see which one suits her best then sit down and write the story.

2. Finish the Aelryn’s Hold storyline and see if I can use it as a shrine for the guild.

3. Get Verrena (and the Flamefury) involved with the guild in-character.

4. Just being able to devote more time to the guild, although this will hopefully increase as my interest in WoW comes back and I get out of this funk I’ve been in the last couple of weeks. Depression is a bitch as is a lack of interest in logging on with nothing new to do.

5. Once #4 happens, I want to try the Sunward trials for Vae. Even if she fails them, I think it would be a phenomenal chance for serious character development. Mind you, this would be something way into the future.

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Top 5 worst case scenarios Ledaria would like to avoid.
rennali asked

1. Quel’Athillien being destroyed. That would be a bad thing for everyone, not just Ledaria, but that’s the worstest (hey it’s a perfectly cromulent word!) of worst case scenarios. The only way it wouldn’t be is if Quel’dorei and Sin’dorei reunited and she was able to return to Quel’Thalas with her blue eyes intact.

2. Betrayal by Vaeronia. This would sting a lot. Ledaria is an only child and she grew up with her three first cousins as sibling figures, with Vaeronia playing Big Sister, Zaldorell playing Big Brother, and Therin’thas as Bratty Little Brother. They already lost Zal and Therin to the Scourge. So losing that last connection to the family would kill her on the inside. Well, at least she can’t hold dating a human woman against her considering she did the same thing. :P

3. Permanently losing her magic. I’m not entirely sure this is possible in Warcraftworld, but the idea of it scares her. Her magical prowess is a big part of her identity so losing it would be losing a big part of herself and fall into a deep depression.

4. The Decree on Dark Magics biting her in the ass big time. Of course, others would be responsible if this backfired but Ledaria would (justifiably) get the brunt of the blame. It might force her to flee Quel’Athillien, and Amiyna, and seek asylum in Quel’Thalas with Vaeronia. If it meant becoming a Blood Elf, then so be it.

5. Losing Amiyna. I listed this last because out of all the worst case scenarios this one is completely unavoidable unless Ledaria dies a very early death or Amiyna discovers the secrets of immortality. Such is the fate of relations between races with completely different lifespans.

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Top 5 Friday


I’ll do some top 5 lists

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Ain’t that the truth



Ain’t that the truth


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[Short]: Kauthryn Roland - Consequences.



Normally I’m pretty given to writing a lot, but this was hard for me, so… yeah.

She was only too glad that the hood hid away her tears.

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Oh holy… I’m kind of taken aback here. Wow.

Oh damn… :(

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The Battle of the Weeping Forest…

… Hearing of the converging armies of LORD PAUL BEAUREGARD, LORD HAROLD HARGRAVE, and LADY KAUTHRYN ROLAND upon his position, Garston Susan conferred with his advisers, HARRIET CLAYTON and BROOKE PRESLEY as to how to meet the enemy force.  With supplemented soldiers from nearby Truthpoint, he engaged his enemy in the field.

Initially arriving at the head of a considerable force, the Royal Army’s forces were ambushed in several locations by entrenched Argent Forces.  These fighters, though small in number, seemed to fight with the tenacity of twice as many men.  Meanwhile, Presley and Clayton continued to harangue the approaching army, slowing their advance considerably.

Although initially intending for Lord Beauregard’s enemy to take the middle pass, while Lord Hargrave’s attacked the top and Lady Roland the bottom, eventually there was a mix-up as Beauregard’s men swarmed Roland’s position and she was forced to pull her men back.  At the same time, the Argents launched an ambush that, in the confusion of redirection, led to several groups being decimated.

Lord Hargrave took command of the dire situation after Lord Beauregard’s fall, but refused to retreat.  Instead he pushed onward, even as his men were overcome with further delays.  Eventually he charged forth and into a pit, where the Argent forces swarmed him. 

As the north held, albeit without much support, the middle and southern passes began to crumble.  It was only once Lady Roland arrived in the north that Sir Garston Susan revealed his man force composed of lancers, halberdiers, and cavalrymen.  Outnumbered and aware that both Lord Beauregard and Lord Hargrave had fallen, Lady Kauthryn transferred her command to Lady LEONIE THORNE and ordered her to retreat immediately with the remaining forces.  Meanwhile, she and the Dawnguard prepared to meet Garston if only to slow his advance.

Sir Garston, having heard of the House of Roland and spending a considerably amount of time in Dawnholde, was hesitant to strike down those he believed to be of the Light.  At the impasse, Kauthryn volunteered to surrender herself into captivity in exchange for Lord Beauregard’s release.  The agreement was made and despite the protests of captains Marjorie Galawain and Rolf Heartvale, a full retreat was ordered.

Victorious, the Argents claimed many captives though some managed to escape.


  1. Kauthryn Roland
  2. Gorni Odeki
  3. Harold Hargrave
  4. Naethir Talbot
  5. Khas Smythe
  6. Gaerret Canmore
  7. Valaerian Brannaugh
  8. Melendy Hunter


  1. None (Yet…)

Active Officers:

  1. Paul Beauregard
  2. Melendy Hunter
  3. Harold Hargrave
  4. Acalina Surle
  5. Gaerret Canmore
  6. Kauthryn Roland
  7. Gorni Odek
  8. Entyle
  9. Guntrem Crowelee
  10. Robert Whayler
  11. Naethir Talbot
  12. Williert Stokeswood
  13. Leonie Thorne
  14. Eiryan
  15. Valerian Brannaugh
  16. Khas Smythe
  17. Lanthil Wolfe 

Melendy nooooooooooooooo

*Portia embarks on one woman rescue mission; immediately gets overwhelmed and killed*

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imgur: the simple image sharer

Oooh. (WoD spoilers in the quest text)