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What if Wednesdays


Send a hypothetical question and get one in return. Feel free to make it challenging.

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Springfield, Mo students and other residents show their true colors as a student-organized silent demonstration protesting the extrajudicial murder of African Americans draws anger and slurs.

As a former MSU student, I find this absolutely appalling, but not exactly unexpected. Springfield is the same town where Neo-nazis show up to the yearly Pridefest, where KKK flyers are left on people’s doorsteps, and where most of the black population was run out of town by fear of lynching in the early 20th century.

The university says it promotes cultural competence and diversity, but are being oddly silent about these recent events, other than to try to stop the demonstration before it happened, and erasing sidewalk chalk messages (which never happens to the hundreds of sidewalk messages promoting religious gatherings or dance parties).

If you’re a white student at MSU (or anywhere), and you’re not speaking out about the way your fellow white students are acting, you’re part of the problem.

Obviously this is appalling, but when Neo-Nazis and the KKK are brought up, my white privilege goes out the window. The KKK hates Jews almost as much as they hate blacks and I don’t think I need to say anything about how Neo-Nazis feel about us.

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John Cena, forgetting his muffins in the oven.


John Cena, forgetting his muffins in the oven.

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LF Normal SoO Clear:


I am looking to clear SoO on Normal (heroic is possible) on Horde or Alliance. Doesn’t matter to me.

We did a Normal SoO clear last night. Not sure if Vesp or Caliginous plans on doing another one before the expansion but I’m sure more people want their looms in guild.

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He dissapeared


He dissapeared

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Game of Thrones & Nature/Nurture


I just saw that gifset of Cersei in tears because she’s holding Joffrey and he’s died. As a mother, I can feel sympathy. Even though Cersei’s kind of a dumb bitch.

Cersei’s other two children (Tommen and Myrcella) are actually well-behaved, so why did Joffrey go so wrong?

It’s been a while since…

If I remember right, Joffrey had moments of cruelty in his childhood and Robert’s reaction was to beat the shit out of him. Both his parents (well, his mother and secret not-father) royally fucked him up because you had one parental figure that was very cruel and physically abusive when he needed discipline and the other babied him and thought he was her perfect little angel that could do no wrong.

Maybe he was mentally off because of the incest, but Cersei and Robert made a bad situation worse. 

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Hey, Metallica concert at Blizzcon. Maybe they’ll cover an ETC song. Or James Hetfield will sing about orcs a lot and make Metzen come.

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TMI Tuesday

Because why not?

Send me an ask and I’ll send one back.

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you literally cant type the following in wow nothing shows up: i hug old people



It’s because the “g old” is “gold.”

Remember peons for hire?  You still can’t type those words together. 

So I bet it’s “gold people” that is being blocked?

why blizzard gotta hate on gold people. racists.